Our professors focus on your surgery.

Breast Surgery -
Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement is a procedure used to enlarge the breast size by inserting implants beneath the breast tissues or muscles.

Our professors focus on your surgery.

Breast Surgery-
Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement is a procedure used to enlarge the breast size by inserting implants beneath the breast tissues or muscles.


1 hour


Sedation + Local


3-5 days


30 minutes to 1 hour

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You have to choose an implant that suits you.

Just as each person has different body shape, height, chest circumference, shoulder width, and skin characteristics, the shape of the chest is also different. Breast surgery is a surgery that requires meticulous and meticulous attention as much as facial surgery. Considering all points, the most suitable implant and surgery method are selected to complete the most ideal breast shape.


Why The Iron's Breast Surgery?

For breast surgery, the volume should be raised and the ratio should be beautifully and naturally filled. Select the size and shape of the implant to be inserted according to the current breast size and shape for an attractive line that can be viewed from front, side or 45 degrees. Incorrect selection of implants can result in very awkward breasts, so it is very important for an experienced plastic surgeon to select the right implant for each individual.

Water droplet implant

Breast Surgery - BrBreast Surgery - Breast Enlargement​east Enlargement​
  • The bottom is voluminous and natural
  • Use of texture type implants
  • Less spherical construction and positional deformation

Round implants

Breast Surgery - Enlargement​
  • The most common implant
  • Need massage after surgery
  • Choosing a shape suitable for body shape after consultation

Implant placement location

breast enlargement surgery differs depending on the location of the implant.

There are two types of surgery depending on the location of the implant: submuscular insertion that is inserted under the muscle called the pectoral muscle called the pectoralis muscle, the submaid insertion that is inserted above the muscle, and the dual plane that is inserted above and below the muscle.

How to insert under the muscle

This is a method of putting an implant under the pectoral muscles to use a room different from the mammary gland. It is effective for dramatic enlargement of small breasts and is suitable for Korean women with less skin and breast tissue.

  • Advantages that the incidence of spherical construction is low and the implant is less touchable
  • How to insert under the mammary gland

    This is a method of inserting an implant near the mammary tissue above the chest muscle. If the skin is thin, the implant can be seen. Therefore, surgery is possible only if the mammary gland tissue is sufficient.

  • The operation is relatively simple, the pain is mild, and the recovery is quick.
  • Dual plane

    By cutting the bottom of the pectoral muscle and inserting the implant, the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle in the upper part of the chest and under the mammary tissue in the lower part of the chest. There is no double line and it has the advantage of creating a natural breast shape, which is the most practiced method recently.

  • Prevents implants from moving and prevents double underline.
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    Surgical method according to the incision site

    When performing breast augmentation surgery using an implant, the incision line is selected where the scar is inconspicuous and is easy to operate and is accessible to the surgical site. Commonly used locations of incisions include wrinkles under the chest, underarms, around areolas, and navel. If you are operated by an experienced plastic surgeon, the results of the surgery will not change significantly no matter which incision line you choose. In addition, scars are rarely a problem, only the location of the scar is different. Therefore, the choice of the incision line is largely dependent on the patient’s preference, occupation, and life pattern.

    • You should be able to minimize scars and create the most beautiful breasts.
    • An experienced plastic surgeon selects a suitable surgical method through consultation.
    There are various surgical methods for breast augmentation surgery. The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic decides the appropriate surgical method according to the size and condition of the current breast.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Iron Breast Surgery FAQ

    We have compiled a list of questions and frequently asked questions about breast surgery. Click or touch to check the details.

    It has been said that the silicone contents bag used in the past causes breast cancer due to leakage of silicone after a long time, but you do not need to worry much because it is reported to be unrelated to breast cancer in the currently published paper.

    Breast implants can explode by sharp objects, but many touches or bumps do not explode easily. If a burst or leak occurs, it is possible to recover the original condition by removing the existing implant and inserting a new implant.

    Many people know that breast implants should be replaced every 10 years, but this is the case when a physiological saline pack was used in the past before cohesive gel was developed. ​The cohesive gel implant, which has been developed over the last generations, has high stability and does not require regular replacement unless the implant is damaged by an infrequent impact.

    The sagging of the chest tissue is a phenomenon that occurs in everyone regardless of surgery. Rather, the degree of sagging in the case of surgery may be obscured by the implant and may be less noticeable.

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