Focusing on your surgery

The IRON's
Ptosis Correction

This is a surgery that corrects the ptosis to make the pupils look larger
and more clear.
With ptosis correction, the eyes that look sleepy can be clearly revealed
and changed into clear looking eyes.

Focusing on your surgery

The IRON's
Ptosis Correction

This is a surgery that corrects the ptosis to make the pupils look larger and more clear. With ptosis correction, the eyes that look sleepy can be clearly revealed and changed into clear looking eyes.


1 hour


Sedation + Local


5-7 days


30 minutes to 1 hour


Droopy eyelid correction, what kind of surgery is it?

Ptosis, also known as ‘sleepy eyes’ or lazy eyes,
refers to a symptom in which the eyelid covers the pupil even when the eyes are open and the muscle that opens the eye is weak . If the strength of the muscles that open the eyes is weak,
symptoms of ptosis can appear. In this case, ptosis correction helps the eyes to open up more to achieve more awake looking eyes.


Problems with double eyelid surgery without ptosis correction

Before performing double eyelid surgery, it is important to first check for the presence or absence of ptosis.
In severe cases of ptosis, if double eyelid surgery is performed without correcting the ptosis, the double eyelid may
become unnatural and thick like a sausage.
Just making double eyelids doesn’t mean your eyes are getting bigger or your ptosis corrected.
At the IRON, after diagnosing the patient’s eyelid condition, an appropriate surgical plan is made and performed to achieve the best result.


Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

Non-incisional eye correction is an operation that is close to a procedure and minimizes side effects without scarring within a short time of 30 minutes. The Iron’s non-incisional eye correction is for non-incisional eye surgery. High quality thread and techinque is used to complete the clear eyes.

Non-incisional eye correction is possible if there is a certain degree of power to open the eyes, the degree of sagging of the eyelids is not severe, the fat on the eyelids is low and the skin of the eyelids is adequate. Since there is no incision, there are few scars and less swelling, so going back to normal daily life is immediately possible. Ptosis correction is more effective when operated with double eyelid surgery.


Incisional Ptosis Correction

Since ptosis correction requires delicate control of the muscles
of the eye, an incision of eye is made to reveal the structure of the eye. The surgeon is able to dissect and work on muscle more accurately.
By removing excessive fat, muscles, and skin, the eyes can look more clear and beautiful.

If you have a certain amount of strength to open your eyes, or if the sagging of your eyelids is not severe, you can have ptosis corrected with an incisional ptosis correction surgery. A definite before and after result can be made with a specialist with extensive experience and technique performs surgery to minimize scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Eye Surgery FAQ

We have summarized the questions and frequently asked questions about eye surgery. Click or touch to check the details.

The practice of opening your eyes doesn't make you better.

It is good to open your eyes as usual. After surgery, swelling is added and you may feel stiff or stiff, but it will become natural over time.

Although the recovery time is determined by the incision range, swelling and bruising usually last about 2 weeks, usually after 7 days, the suture is removed, and most recover after about a month.

However, due to residual swelling, it can be seen that it has completely recovered after about 3 months.

Double eyelid surgery does not make your eyes worse. Rather, it should be treated as it may cause loss of vision or amblyopia due to drooping eyes, ptosis, or punctured eyelashes.

If your eyelids are thin and turned off, you may get tired or wrinkled your eyes when you do.

In this case, there is a method of performing a fat graft on the closed eyelid or making the lower double eyelid through eye correction. If you don't like the double eyelid line, you can make it look like an inner double eyelid by keeping the line as low as possible.

If it extends to the red flesh in front of the eyes too much, the eyes may look crowded.

The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic's front opening allows the red part of the front of the eye to be properly visible to create a natural and cool eye.

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