Our professors focus on your surgery.

The IRON's-
Eye Revision

If you are not satisfied immediately after the first eye surgery,
or if you are unsatisfied with time, your eyes will be reoperated for reasons such as incorrect surgery.

Our professors focus on your surgery.

The IRON's-
Eye Revision

If you are not satisfied immediately after the first eye surgery, or if you are unsatisfied with time, your eyes will be reoperated for reasons such as incorrect surgery.


1 hour


Sedation + Local


3-5 days


30 minutes to 1 hour


You can rely on The IRON's surgeons for the best result

It is very important to know the right time to have revisional eye surgery.
Adhesion after the first surgery disappears and the tissue of the eye stabilizes, and re-surgery
usually proceeds. It is best to wait 6 to 12 months before having a revision.

  • Analyze the cause of surgical failure.
  • Measure individual eye structure and features.
  • After detailed diagnosis of each individual, a surgical method is devised.
  • We perform eye reoperation with 1:1 alignment.
  • We implement aftercare services to minimize side effects.

Case-by-case causes of eye revision

Eye Revision approaches the concept of treatment, and it is especially
important to accurately identify the cause.

Each individual has different eye characteristics, such as opening muscles, skin thickness, pupil position, and eye-tail angle, and requires accurate and meticulous analysis and delicate surgery that fits the individual’s face. The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic performs the surgery carefully by accurately grasping the problem and the appropriate surgical method.

CASE 1. Double eyelids are too thick

If there is a lot of tissue damage after surgery, lymph circulation is poor, or if the eye needs fat removal but only double eyelid surgery is performed, the existing double eyelid line is loosened to remove unnecessary fat tissue to make it natural.

CASE 2. Double eyelid line is high

If the double eyelid line is excessively high and the line is unnatural because it is thick, readjust the height of the line to correct it.

CASE 3. The double eyelids are too thin

After surgery, the sagging skin or holding the double eyelid line too low from the beginning is caused by raising and fixing the sagging skin or by holding the double eyelid line higher.

CASE 4. The left and right double eyelids are asymmetrical

In the case of severe asymmetry due to the wrong line or due to the difference in the strength of the eye opening muscle, reoperation is performed to remove the height of the double eyelid line and correct the eye muscles on both sides for improvement.

CASE 5. Double eyelid are loosened

If the double eyelid line is weakly fixed during surgery, the double eyelid line may gradually loosen and come down. In this case, unnecessary muscles and fat are removed, and double eyelid lines are created through double eyelid surgery and eye correction surgery.

CASE 6. Unhappy with the eyelid shape

If the operation is not wrong, but it is not the desired eye, unscrew the existing double eyelid line and remove it, then redesign and operate.

CASE 7. Eyelids are not opening all the way

Excessive pulling or removal of the muscle may prevent your eyes from closing after surgery. It is solved by weakly adjusting the muscles of the overcorrected eyes.

CASE 8. Eyes look smaller and look sleepy

Eyes with ptosis symptoms are not corrected, but only double eyelid surgery is performed.

CASE 9. Severe scar left

If severe scars remain after double eyelid surgery, the scarred area is incised, the chest tissue is elaborately removed, and then sutured for correction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Eye Surgery FAQ

We have summarized the questions and frequently asked questions about eye surgery. Click or touch to check the details.

The practice of opening your eyes doesn't make you better.

It is good to open your eyes as usual. After surgery, swelling is added and you may feel stiff or stiff, but it will become natural over time.

Although the recovery time is determined by the incision range, swelling and bruising usually last about 2 weeks, usually after 7 days, the suture is removed, and most recover after about a month.

However, due to residual swelling, it can be seen that it has completely recovered after about 3 months.

Double eyelid surgery does not make your eyes worse. Rather, it should be treated as it may cause loss of vision or amblyopia due to drooping eyes, ptosis, or punctured eyelashes.

If your eyelids are thin and turned off, you may get tired or wrinkled your eyes when you do.

In this case, there is a method of performing a fat graft on the closed eyelid or making the lower double eyelid through eye correction. If you don't like the double eyelid line, you can make it look like an inner double eyelid by keeping the line as low as possible.

If it extends to the red flesh in front of the eyes too much, the eyes may look crowded.

The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic's front opening allows the red part of the front of the eye to be properly visible to create a natural and cool eye.

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