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Contour Surgery -
Blind Surgery

A chin is a condition in which the lower jaw of the face looks small because the tip of the chin is not sufficiently protruding forward.

Our professors focus on your surgery.

Contour Surgery-
Blind Surgery

A chin is a condition in which the lower jaw of the face looks small because the tip of the chin is not sufficiently protruding forward.


1 hour


Sedation + Local


3-5 days


30 minutes to 1 hour


Why The Iron's Blind Surgery?

Blessed jaw surgery is a surgery that corrects the chin of people whose face proportions are not correct due to the short tip of the chin, the mouth is protruding, and the chin of the person who sees the chin is relatively retracted to make a balanced face.

The nose has been raised with augmentation, but if it is awkward somewhere, most of the chin tip is insufficient, and reinforcing the chin tip makes it more natural.

  • If you are worried about a relatively protruding mouth due to a blindness
  • If the line on the side of the face looks flat and you want a clear line
  • If the chin tip is short and the face does not fit
  • If the upper teeth cover the lower teeth and the chin is visible

Jaw surgery method

When looking at the face from the side, it is good to see the lips behind the line connecting the tip of the nose and the chin. The size of the mandible is normal, but if the lower jaw seems to be small or pushed back, the balance will be disturbed.

  • Finds a line that fits my face
  • Safe jaw surgery
  • 3 things for a successful jaw surgery. Experience, technique, and sincerity
  • A specialist who has both professional research and surgical experience
  • Customized aftercare program operation
It corrects the blunt chin or short chin to the ideal proportion to improve the refined and orderly impression.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Contouring Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarized questions and frequently asked questions about contouring Click or touch to check the details.
If you cut a square jaw normally, the jawbone will not grow again. However, it is possible that the jaw looks like an overgrown jaw due to the development of masticatory muscles. In this case, it can be solved by reducing the masticatory muscles using Botox.

At first after surgery, it is difficult to chew food.

However, once fully recovered, chewing is not a problem at all. During the recovery period, you should take care not to overwhelm your jaw by ingesting liquid foods such as Mieum, and the function will gradually recover.

If all the wounds in the mouth are healed and there is no difficulty in opening the mouth, it is possible after about a month.

With cheekbone reduction, you can leave the hospital immediately after surgery and you can live a normal life.

Bruises vary from person to person, but with minimal incisions and dissections, bruising and swelling are minimized, resulting in a rapid recovery speed. However, in case of complex cheekbone surgery, a rest period of 3-4 days is required.

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