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Rhinoplasty Types

The nose is located in the center of the face and is an important factor in determining a person’s image.
Various factors are checked in advance and results are suggested with individual characteristics and appropriate surgical methods.

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Nose Surgery -
Rhinoplasty Types

Under Eye Fat Graft is a surgery that makes the eyes look young and lively by making the skin under the eyes that protrude thickly when smiling .


1 hour


Sedation + Local


3-5 days


30 minutes to 1 hour


Rhinoplasty by type considering the balance of height, angle and line to match the overall face

The nose influences the balance of the face in the center of the face, so it is most important to consider the harmony with other areas. thereforeCheck various factors in advanceand Individual characteristics and appropriate surgical methodThe results are suggested.

  • Surgery plan is established by accurate analysis through 3D-CT imaging.
  • Complete the ideal proportions from any angle.
  • Select the optimal customized implant according to the individual condition.

Materials for different types of rhinoplasty

Both shape and stability can be achieved only with materials suitable for the anatomical structure of the nose .
Choosing the right implant for an individual during rhinoplasty is the first step to a successful surgery. Both shape and stability can be ensured only by using materials suitable for the anatomical structure of the nose.

Ear Cartilage

Ear cartilage has better elasticity than the nasal septum and is a good material for natural shape of the tip of the nose.

Septal Cartilage

It is cartilage that exists like a longitudinal plank inside the nose.

Costal Cartilage

It is used when nasal septal cartilage, ear cartilage, and dermal fat are deficient.

Artificial Implant

After consulting with a surgeon, an appropriate artificial material such as silicone, goretex or silitex is used.


Flat Nose Correction

Surgery in which the nose and the tip of the nose are raised by using autogenous tissue or materials suitable for living organisms is called jungbisurgery and accounts for most of the nose surgery performed in Korea.

  • Sassy on the lower face, there is no three-dimensional minutes
  • Nose is blunt and drooping minutes
  • Those with a low brow part that looks far from the eye
  • Sassy and nose are discordant Lovely minutes

Depending on the condition of the nose, the operation is closed or open. Since surgery is both a local anesthesia and sleep anesthesia, you can comfortably receive the surgery, and the tape and guard are performed for 5 to 6 days after the surgery.


Long Nose Correction

Arrow nose is the tip of the nose, The length of the nose itself is longSays. In many cases, the nasal septal cartilage is developed larger than normal, and if the muscles that lower the nose tip are working excessively, the tip of the nose drops down in the shape of an arrow when laughing.

  • People with a long nose compared to their face
  • The long nose looks hanging man
  • A person whose nose tip droops in the shape of an arrowhead when smiling
  • A person with a long face due to an arrow nose

The nasal septal cartilage is properly cut and the nasal cartilage that is drooping in the downward direction is rearranged in the upward direction to reduce the total length of the nose.


Pollybeak Nose Correction

In many cases, the tip of the nose is drooping and there is no arrow nose. Therefore, during hawk nose surgeryNose tip plastic surgery and lower nose bridge surgery requiredCan be accompanied by.

  • A person with a low nose
  • A person who is not confident in his side because of his protruding nose
  • Those who want to improve a wild image into a soft image
  • A person with a long face due to a hooked nose

Maburiko has various symptoms such as the entire protruding nose and the protruding nose, so personalized surgery is performed through individual 1:1 diagnostic analysis.



Short Nose Surgery

Short-nosed noses are often referred to as nostrils when the nostrils are visible when the face is faced. The nose length is short and the nostrils are visible, and the angle between the nose and lips isIf it is over 110 degreesSays.

  • People with nostrils visible when looking at their face
  • People with a shorter nose ratio than their face
  • A person who can hear the tip of his nose
  • People with large nose and lips angles

If the symptoms are severe, the nose may appear as a protruding mouth. In The Iron, the length of the nose is extended to make the length of the nose normal, and it is possible to improve the protruding mouth at the same time. The skin and soft tissue at the tip of the nose are sufficiently peeled off, and then repositioned to stretch it long and high.



Bulbous Nose Surgery

If the tip of the nose is blunt, the nose is wide, Far from a sophisticated imageIt’s possible. In this case, it occurs when the wing cartilage at the tip of the nose is excessively developed, spreads to the side, or has a lot of subcutaneous fat in the soft tissue at the tip of the nose.

  • A person with a blunt nose
  • A person with a wide and spread nose
  • A person with a wide nose that looks tacky
  • Fat man at the tip of the nose

To correct the abdominal nose, the cartilage at the tip of the nose is reduced in size and collected, and excessive subcutaneous tissue accumulated in the nose is removed along with cartilage transplantation. Also, if the nostrils are wide, surgery to reduce the nostrils is also performed.


Deviated Nose Correction

For successful finnoplasty, move the nose bone through an osteotomy and Accurate correction of nasal cartilage and septumOnly if you do, it is possible to correct the nose and relieve the stuffy nose.

  • The nose bone and the tip of the nose are straight in one direction
  • C-shaped with a C-shaped curve from the brow to the tip of the nose
  • S-shaped with an S-shaped curve from the brow to the tip of the nose

Similar to hawk nose surgery, the nose bone is cut to correct the curved nose bone. In most cases where breathing is uncomfortable, the nasal septal cartilage is severely bent and one nostril is narrowed. Therefore, surgery to correct the nasal septum cartilage is combined.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Rhinoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions and frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty. Click or touch to check the details.
No need to worry. It is possible to perform surgery by maintaining the height between the eyes and the eyes and raising only the lower nose bridge so that the space between the eyes is not visible.
As for the cartilage used in nose surgery, septal cartilage, ear cartilage, and costal cartilage can be used. Each cartilage has its pros and cons. When using the septum, no additional incision is required because it is taken from the inner incision during surgery. It is mainly used to erect the nose and has excellent support with flat cartilage. Ear cartilage is the most commonly used among autologous cartilage, and has a higher elasticity than the septum, making it a good material for natural shape of the tip of the nose. Chest cartilage is used when it is difficult to use ear or septal cartilage and has excellent support.
General reoperation is possible after the wound has healed. It may be about 6 months later, but if it is a re-operation in case of inflammation, it is recommended to perform the operation again after the inflammation symptoms have subsided or the prosthesis has been removed and the sensitive nose and tissue have recovered to some extent.
In the case of general auxiliaries, daily life is possible in 5-7 days, and the overall swelling usually disappears after 2 weeks. However, it may take up to 3 months to completely relieve the swelling.
It may regenerate slightly during the healing process of bones, but it does not grow like the original hooked nose. Hawk nose is usually a case where the nose where the nose bone meets the nasal septum is excessively protruding.In the case of surgery, the protruding part is cut off with a fine knife and an osteotomy, and the nose is narrowed or the nose is gathered as needed in consideration of the height of the hook. Sometimes surgery is accompanied.
Considering the time when the filler was added, check how much it has been absorbed, and if the filler remains, it is usually necessary to dissolve the filler one week before surgery and check the original nose height before surgery.

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