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Breast Surgery -
Saggy Breasts

The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic thinks about naturalness and safety

Our professors focus on your surgery.

Breast Surgery-
Saggy Breasts

The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic thinks about naturalness and safety


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Accurate cause
sagging chest
correction surgery

You have to choose an implant that suits you.

Due to childbirth or aging, the elastic fibers of the skin and breast tissue are weakened, so it cannot support the weight of the breast, and it sags down along with the nipples and becomes a saggy breast. The sagging chest correction surgery is a surgery that raises the sagging nipples and areolas to their normal position. Reduction of skin elasticity due to aging, effects of pregnancy and lactation If the chest expands and contracts repeatedly, sudden weight change, hormonal change


The Iron Saggy Breast Correction Surgery

After judging the degree of sagging breasts based on the wrinkles under the breast and the height of the nipples, the degree of sagging of the patient, the size of the breast, and the opinion of the scar determine whether or not to correct the breast.

Normal or slightly sagging chest

If the nipple is 4~5cm above or 1cm above the sub-breast fold

Medium or severe sagging breasts

If the nipple is 1~3cm lower than the lower breast wrinkle, but is located above the bottom of the breast tissue or is 3cm or more down, so the nipple is facing down

Saggy breast surgery method

There are various surgical methods for sagging chest correction surgery .
A surgical method that corrects only sagging without changing the size of the breast is applied. Depending on the degree of sagging, lifting, peri-areola incision, and vertical incision are performed. In case of severe breast drainage, the sagging skin is excised through peri-areola incision, and the breast tissue is collected in a cone shape, and the sagging breast is corrected by fixing it to the chest wall.

Thread lifting, laser lifting

Peri areola incision

Dual plane

Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Breast Surgery FAQ

We have compiled a list of questions and frequently asked questions about breast surgery. Click or touch to check the details.

It has been said that the silicone contents bag used in the past causes breast cancer due to leakage of silicone after a long time, but you do not need to worry much because it is reported to be unrelated to breast cancer in the currently published paper.

Breast implants can explode by sharp objects, but many touches or bumps do not explode easily. If a burst or leak occurs, it is possible to recover the original condition by removing the existing implant and inserting a new implant.

Many people know that breast implants should be replaced every 10 years, but this is the case when a physiological saline pack was used in the past before cohesive gel was developed. ​The cohesive gel implant, which has been developed over the last generations, has high stability and does not require regular replacement unless the implant is damaged by an infrequent impact.

The sagging of the chest tissue is a phenomenon that occurs in everyone regardless of surgery. Rather, the degree of sagging in the case of surgery may be obscured by the implant and may be less noticeable.

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