Our professors focus on your surgery.

Lifting -
Thread Lifting

Naturally more elastic skin

Our professors focus on your surgery.

Lifting -
Thread Lifting

Naturally more elastic skin


Depending on the operation


Local anesthesia


2-7 days


Outpatient treatment/None

Strong anti-aging
thread lifting
created by
special thread

Thread lifting to make skin more elastic naturally

The Iron’s unique anti-aging care solution prevents collagen loss due to ultraviolet rays and melanocytes, which are the main causes of skin aging, and improves and maintains the elasticity and contour of the face by injecting a special thread.


Special room of iron , harmless to human body

Thread lifting solves wrinkles and sagging at the same time without incision and improves facial contour with an elastic V-line. This is a procedure that improves elasticity by injecting a melting thread of the thickness of a hair into the skin. It is a procedure that reduces the face without cutting bones and without incision, and simultaneously resolves lifting and skin elasticity.

Lifting type

Depending on the type of thread injected into the skin, the lifting strength, effect, and retention period differ.
It is recommended to select a procedure that suits your skin condition according to the skin diagnosis result.


Thread lifting surgery method

Effective for nasolabial folds, sagging wrinkles, and saggy skin, V-line correction as well as pulling any area as desired. Since there is no incision, there is no worry about scars and you can start your daily life right away.

  • If you want a V line without bone cutting surgery
  • If you want to improve overall sagging skin
  • If you are worried about the uneven facial line
  • If you are worried about sagging cheeks and jawline
  • Nasolabial folds and sagging lips appear aged
  • If the existing contour injection or lifting procedure does not have a great effect
  • In case of sagging facial flesh and not feeling any major changes after surgery for both jaw or contour
The thread lifting feature has almost no foreign body feeling. It can be applied to sensitive skin, and it has not only lifting, but also pore reduction and whitening effect.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Lifting FAQ

We have summarized the questions and frequently asked questions about lifting. Click or touch to check the details.
There are individual differences in swelling or bruising after thread lifting, but most of them do not have large swelling in 3 to 7 days. There may be a slight bruise in the place where the thread has passed, but the place where the needle is inserted is the duoderm, and the swelling or bruising will disappear quickly if you apply warm compresses.
There may be a slight soreness or foreign body sensation, but it will improve in about a week.
It appears immediately after the thread lifting procedure. In the case of lifting the melting thread, the thread melts and the collagen is produced, and the effect is better after 2-3 months.

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