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Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

Upper and lower eyelid surgery that turns back time Customized upper/lower eyelid surgery according to the cause of individual eye sagging

Our professors focus on your surgery.

Eye Surgery -
Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

Upper and lower eyelid surgery that turns back time Customized upper/lower eyelid surgery according to the cause of individual eye sagging


1 hour


Sedation + Local


7 days


30 minutes to 1 hour


Custom upper and lower eyelid shaping according to the cause of individual blindness

blepharoplasty is a surgery to improve sagging eyelids, wrinkles, or fat under the eyes by removing or pulling up the skin or muscles around the eyes that have lost elasticity .
For each individualEyelid saggingCauses of sagging and protrusion of fat sacs under the eyes
Harmonious shape of the face It is important to proceed with the surgery in consideration of the back.

  • Depending on the degree of sagging, the extent and method of exfoliation during surgery varies.
  • If the upper eyelid sagging, surgery should be considered considering the degree of sagging and muscle strength.
  • The fixation point depends on the degree to which your eyes are protruding. It also ensures that the fat treatment is not excessive.
  • The surgical method should depend on the amount of fat and the degree of protrusion.
  • Considering the depth, range, and shape of the tear furrow, the elasticity under the eyes is saved and the design is appropriate.
  • After grasping the condition of the muscles under the eyes, it is fixed to save the aegyo flesh and remove wrinkles.
Necessary Persons

Those who need the iron upper/lower eyelid

A specialist’s diagnosis confirms my eye condition accurately and determines which surgery is needed.

  • The drooping eyelids cover the double eyelids and make the eyes look smaller.
  • The eyelids are drooping and the vision is frustrating, and the eyelashes prick the eyes.
  • It’s hard to open my eyes, so my forehead and facial expressions are severe.
  • I hate to see the wrinkles around my eyes so badly.
  • I hate to look like a grumpy boy because the fat under my eyes is bulging.
  • It looks shady and tired from the undereye wrinkles and dark circles.
  • The skin under the eyes is severe and looks old.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Because of the drooping eyes caused by aging Symptoms of narrow vision and pricking eyebrowsAppears. The skin on the tail of the eye may overlap and cause eczema, and when you open your eyes wide, you may feel discomfort, such as raising the eyebrows with the forehead, causing wrinkles on the forehead. It removes an appropriate amount of skin, muscles, and fat that make the eyes thick along the incision line, and seals the muscles and skin that lift the eyelids with a fine thread to revive cool and natural eyes.


Lower Blepharoplasty

The protruding fat under the eyes is rearranged toward the furrow of the eye, and the excess excess fat and sagging skin are properly removed and sealed. Simultaneous correction of sagging skin around the eyes, wrinkles, and undereye fatYou can. The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic proceeds with the process of removing the underlying cause and strengthening the tissue so that there is no need for reoperation in the future .
Frequently Asked Questions

The Iron Eye Surgery FAQ

We have summarized the questions and frequently asked questions about eye surgery. Click or touch to check the details.

The practice of opening your eyes doesn't make you better.

It is good to open your eyes as usual. After surgery, swelling is added and you may feel stiff or stiff, but it will become natural over time.

Although the recovery time is determined by the incision range, swelling and bruising usually last about 2 weeks, usually after 7 days, the suture is removed, and most recover after about a month.

However, due to residual swelling, it can be seen that it has completely recovered after about 3 months.

Double eyelid surgery does not make your eyes worse. Rather, it should be treated as it may cause loss of vision or amblyopia due to drooping eyes, ptosis, or punctured eyelashes.

If your eyelids are thin and turned off, you may get tired or wrinkled your eyes when you do.

In this case, there is a method of performing a fat graft on the closed eyelid or making the lower double eyelid through eye correction. If you don't like the double eyelid line, you can make it look like an inner double eyelid by keeping the line as low as possible.

If it extends to the red flesh in front of the eyes too much, the eyes may look crowded.

The Iron Plastic Surgery Clinic's front opening allows the red part of the front of the eye to be properly visible to create a natural and cool eye.

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